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Welcome to Classic Auto Rides, LLC..........Mustangs, Muscle & More

We BUY, SELL and TRADE investment quality Antique, Classic, Muscle and Collector cars! However, our primary focus and passion revolves around the legendary Ford Mustang. Whether the cars are old or new we look for the rare and unique original or concours restored pony cars from the 1st generation (1965-1973) including Shelby, Boss, Mach 1, Cobra Jet…the good old days; 2nd generation Pintostang (1974-1978) including Cobra IIs; 3rd generation (1979-1993) Fox-body including SSPs; 4th generation (1994-2004) SN95 platform and now the 5th generation (2005 to present) S197 platform including the tuners…Saleen, Roush and yes the Shelby.

We also sell cars on consignment on a case by case basis.

We are located just 16 miles southeast of Charlotte in Monroe, North Carolina. Our dealership is conveniently located near the Monroe Airport and we offer complimentary pickup at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

What is a Classic Car?
There are so many different definitions of what a classic car is. Some would put specific age limits on the definitions, and others would say that only special variants would qualify for classic status. In our search for the “perfect” definition, we believe a classic car is “a car that retains its appeal after it is no longer produced.” Without question “appeal” of a car is determined by the individual. To us a classic car is one that stops depreciating in value and either levels off or begins to appreciate over time. So why not invest in a classic car, enjoy and have some fun!


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